Monday: Fads That Have Disappeared

We were talking this morning on Heart Breakfast about fads from the past after Jack saw a man in a full shell suit on holiday!! Kaz said she remembers girls wearing trousers with a skirt over the top and they were attached! Loads of you text and called in with some great suggestions and these were the Top 10...

Heart Breakfast’s Top 10 Fads of All Time 

10. Pump Up Trainers

9. Vuvuzela

8. Pogs

7.  Ra Ra Skirts

6. Hair Mascara

5.  Naf Naf Jackets

4. Tamagotchis

3. Global Hypercolour T-Shirts

2. Shell Suits

1. Wassap Budweiser Ad

Just to remind you of our number 1, here's the video...

Reading Half Marathon 


He completed the Brighton Marathon yesterday in an absolutely fantastic time!! He did the run in less than 4 hours, with an impressive time of 3.57!!

He said it was really difficult and the run was very hard especially towards the end. But he did it and has raised all that money for 2 fantastic charities- Neauroblastoma Alliance UK and Childline. Well done to all the marathon runners and all the Have a Heart runners on what was an amazing day.


On tomorrow's show we have another busy one planned and we are talking about something that's extremely bumbag or not to bumbag?????

THAT is the question!!!

See you in the morning.