Nicola Is Off To Tom And Jacks Panto

Welcome to a fresh new week! It's Monday!!

It's a 'the big swap' week on Heart Breakfast! Tom, Nicola and Jack will be experiencing what it's like to be a member of the opposite sex this week. Each day Tom, Nic and Jack will face challenges so they can really experience what it's like first hand.

Today Tom was given his 'specialist subject' this morning as this week we'll be playing GENDER SWAP MASTERMIND!! He'll be taking to the black chair on tomorrow's show. So he has 24 hours to scrub up on his knowledge of Hair and beauty! How will he get on?
Also this week is the final week of the big town showdown! This Friday the winner will be crowned! Who will it be? You still have a chance  of being crowned champion! If you want to play then make sure you text your name and your town to 82122 and start your message with the word 'Hello'.
Nicola and Producer Brian are heading to the theatre tonight! They're going to watch Tom and Jack in their panto 'Jack and the Beanstalk' at the Connaught Theatre. Nicola will probably give a full review on tomorrow's show. No pressure boys!!