Nicola's 24 Hour Mummy Challenge

It's Wednesday and still no baby for Jack...6 days overdue now!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tony, Nicola and Jack got a tad excited about The Queen. Yep! The Queen and The Duke are visiting Sussex tomorrow! Have you ever seen The Queen or experienced a Royal visit? Nicola once shook Prince William's hand. She didn't wash that hand for 8 hours! Crazy.

It was an interesting night for Nicola last night. She was given a gift/challenge by Tom and Jack as they thought she was feeling a bit left out with all the Heart crew having children. They gave her a lifelike baby doll to look after for 24 hours. It cries, it laughs, you have to feed it, change it's nappy, everything. How do you think she coped?
She arrived at the studio this morning looking very tired and quite grumpy. 
Have a little listen to how she got on...
She has now said "Ok, it's made it clear that i'm clearly not ready for children yet!"
Big thank you to Hove Park school for loaning us the baby doll.
Tomorrow is Halloweeeeeen!!! Last week Tom, Nicola and Jack went to the scariest scare attraction in the UK, Tulleys Farm. You need to listen tomorrow to hear how utterly terrified they were. Trust us, it's hilarious!