Nicola's Fella Is Sleep Talking...AGAIN!

It's Monday and we're back to a normal 5 day working week.

On Heart Breakfast this morning Tom mentioned the INVASION of wasps! Yep, over the last couple of weeks the wasps are back and 'eviler' than ever after our late summer. Apparently the way to avoid wasps is to wear red, carry mint leaves, walk around with a brown paper bag (which looks like a nest) and keep a water spray bottle handy. We then received a text from Darren in Redhill claiming there were wasps on his radio yesterday......were they listening to The BEEtles? CUE THE INSECT POPSTAR PUNS!!

- Bruno Mars-QUITO

- The FLEA degrees


- MILLIPEDE Vanilli 

Also we had the return of Nicola's husband Scott's Sleep Talking! This is becoming quite a popular feature on Heart Breakfast! 

Nicola's Husband Sleep Talking