Pets That Do Human Things

It's Wednesday! But as it's a 4 day week, we'll just say it's Thursday shall we?

This morning we heard about Zeus. He's an 8 year old dog who, due to a mistake in the Census, has been granted the right to vote! He's been given an actual voting card! How funny!

We wanted to know if you have any pets that do human things.

Our family dog, Chico, likes to sit on benches like a human. If you take him to the park and have a little sit down, he HAS TO sit on the bench with you, not on the floor.

We had so many funny stories through from you this morning. From dogs that know when cakes are ready, to cats that use the toilet. My personal favourite came from Gary. He gave us a call and actually managed to prove that his dog Bailey loves singing along to Corrie! It was superb!! You have to hear this...

Pets That Do Human Things


Also this morning, Tom owned up to being a rubbish drawer. Now, here's the thing, he arranged a nasty surprise for me earlier in the week.....this is my chance to get my revenge......find out what it is tomorrow at around 7:50. Heeeheee!

Nic xx