Prince Charles On Heart Breakfast

What a great weekend in the Sussex and Surrey sunshine eh?! Lynsey was back ‘home’ celebrating her Dad’s 65th birthday. They arranged a big surprise do for him on Saturday night which had involved months of meticulous planning and loads of little white lies to get the birthday boy there on time. Turns out he already knew all about it after one of his golf buddies blew the whole thing wide open on the 18th hole a couple of weeks ago. Grrrr! Tom was gutted to admit he’s never had a surprise party planned in his honour…although he convinced himself it might happen on his 30th a few years ago. He geared himself up to put on his best surprised face when he came home to find the house in complete darkness one evening. Expecting to find a load of his family and friends waiting for him in the lounge he flung the door open only to discover a note on the coffee table asking him to unload the washing machine! A sad tale indeed Tommy. Maybe for your 40th

It was the due date of the royal baby yesterday but so far no sign of that little bundle of love. We were keen to get an update from the Palace to see how everybody is getting on there ahead of the big arrival and spoke to Grandpa-to-be himself…hear what he had to say below...


Gemma from Hailsham was our player on the Big Town Showdown this morning and managed a respectable 54.5 seconds getting only one question wrong. It didn’t get her anywhere near the top 5 mind you so if you think you can do any better get registering HERE!


On tomorrow’s show Jack is back! He’ll be all tanned and full of beans after his week in Cyprus so we’ll look forward to receiving gifts and hearing all about it. Plus you’ll have another chance to win 4 VIP tickets to see The Wanted and The Saturdays at SD2 Festival in Stanmer Park, Brighton this September. Hurrah!