Save Sleeps Till Santa!

Welcome to a fresh new week

It's all kicked off this morning! On Friday's show Tom and Nicola revealed that the boss has decided not to play the traditional Heart Breakfast 'Sleeps till Santa' song! What a Scrooge!

Well, you are not happy! Tom, Nic and Jack received so many texts, emails, tweets and facebook messages. So, they decided to call an emergency Heart Breakfast meeting over the weekend. A Heart Breakfast Summit!
They've made an official decision to start a campaign to SAVE SLEEPS TILL SANTA!!
We are getting so much support from you already! We need to tell the boss off for making such a bad decision! We need all of Sussex and Surrey to get behind the campaign and make him change his mind!
We even received a call from Peter Andre this morning declaring his unhappiness with the bosses decision! 
Click here, download the picture and put it up in your windows! Leave a comment! Tweet about it using the hashtag #savesleepstillsanta! Facebook it! Show your support and hopefully it'll work. Let's not let the kids down!
Also this morning, Jack decided he's just not happy with the John Lewis Christmas advert. He headed off to the recording studio during the show to change the lyrics to the Lily Allen song. He says (and we quote) "a bear and a hare simply cannot be friends, bears eat hares!"
Listen to this....

Make sure you tune into Heart Breakfast tomorrow so see how the 'save sleeps till Santa' campaign is getting on!