Silly Thief

So this morning Kaz blew the Early Morning Quickie.....

If you haven't heard "The Quickie" before, it's an odd story that we've found and you have to work out what happened.

Tom told us a story about a man in the USA that robbed a till in a corner shop! A very bad man, but he got his karma because he got caught by the police half and hour later!! But how??

Kaz had a great guess that turned out to be right first time! He had looted so much money and coins, he left a "Hansel and Gretel" style trail of coins back to his house!! 

The Wanted

You might want to put this date in your diary.... 29th of September. It's the SD2 Festival in Brighton!!

Tom, Kaz and Jack were talking about it on the show today and what a fantastic day its going to be! The Saturdays and The Wanted are headlining and loads more other great acts are due to be announced. Follow them on Twitter @SD2Festival 


On tomorrow's show we want to know this: "Who do you do?" we want you to call us with your best impressions (hopefully they are better than Tom, Kaz and Jacks)

See you in the morning!