Simon Cowell's Controversial New Show

Simon Cowell

The summer is officially BACK! How lovely to see you sunshine…please stay awhile!

Tony told us all about a new dating craze soon to hit these shores…silent dating! Basically you go on date with someone but you’re only allowed to gesticulate, stare and make noises. There is to be absolutely no talking. We all though this was super-weird to be honest and it turns out many of you have already experienced weird dates. One anonymous texter once had a date with a guy who knocked back lots of drinks, cracked his knuckles consistently and asked if she’d ever been in police custody! The lady in question hid in the toilets until her boss came and rescued her! Sam called to tell us he took his date to the cinema and she trumped all the way through the film (yuck!) and Eileen told us her date ended quickly after the guy grabbed her hand and tried to get her to skip down the street. WEIRDO!

The BIG showbiz story of the day…in fact probably of the year…was all about babydaddy Simon Cowell! If rumours are to be believed Simon has fathered a child with American socialite Lauren Silverman. Wowsers! Jack thinks this can only go one way. Hear it now by clicking below...


And there was plenty of fun to be had on the show this morning especially for the lovely Mary in Lancing who only went and won herself £350 worth of National Trust vouchers and a gorgeous shiny new Samsung digital camera. That should help keep the kiddywinks busy for the summer holidays.

Classic Celebrity Curves
Tomorrow we have bonafide Hollywood royalty on the show. Gorgeous actress Kim Cattrall will be chatting to us about her new play on in the West End and we’ll be asking the big question on everybody’s lips…will there be any more Sex & the City?!