Sleep Talking

Nicola had a big revelation this morning about her husband Scott. He suffers from....let's say....a quirk. It runs in the family and is quite common. He's a sleep talker!

Nicola downloaded an app called 'The Sleep Talk Recorder', you set it at night and it records as soon as it hears a noise. So she set it last night and it recorded something rather amusing. CUE OUR NEW FEATURE!!!!...

And of course, if any more get recorded, we'll play them.

So, the kids go back to school next week. Apparently it will cost the parents around £189 per child for the back to school stuff. Shirts, trousers, bags, shoes, pencil cases etc. Tom is already feeling the strain, he's just forked out for football boots and trainers. Thank goodness it's nearly pay day ey?!

Tomorrow On Heart Breakfast

Make sure you tune in to Heart breakfast tomorrow as Tom, Nicola and Jack will be giving away another family ticket to Peppa Pig world in Paultons Park! Perfect treat for the little ones.