Odd Crushes

Welcome to Tuesday!

This morning Nicola was a tad frustrated. She forgot her hairband and was trying to do her hair up with a pencil.....she had no luck. She claimed she is unbelievably jealous of girls who are able to 'wooop and fwooop' their hair up with stationary with no problems. So Tom asked, 'What small things are you most jealous of?'.

Jack is really jealous of people who go behind the scenes. Not as in films or TV but as in Supermarkets. He is so jealous of the staff who can freely walk through those flappy doors.

We had a call from Megan from Mile Oak offering Jack a rather interesting opportunity....

Jack Gets An Interesting Offer

Also it was revealed that David Beckham has a secret crush on Cherie Blair!! He clearly likes a woman with power ey? What a weird crush! Toms weird crush is Carol McGiffin, Nicola has a weired thing for Alan Rickman and Jack......well Jack secretly fancies Angela Wynter AKA Yolande from Eastenders.


Tomorrow on Heart Breakfast theres another guest appearance from Jackelburt Ladperdink who will be giving away another set of VIP tickets to the SD2 festival to see The Wanted!