Stitching up Your Siblings

On this warm and humid day the word ‘clammy’ was put to good use in the studio this morning!

The two princes…Wills and Harry…have been pictured in the papers really going for it at their most recent polo match during which they were on opposing teams. It just goes to show that even within the royal family there is a healthy dose of sibling rivalry. This got us chatting about the mean things you used to do to your brother or sister as kids…and my word you are an evil lot! Here are some of your wonderful calls...


In the world of exams it was A-Level Drama day so Tom made Lyns & Jack play a little game. We each had to draw a movie scene and a type of accent out of a hat (well a disused tea caddy to be honest) and recreate the movie scene for the others to guess. Lynsey’s South American accent was appalling but she managed to pull of her scene from Notting Hill for Jack to guess, Tom performed Titanic in the style of a cockney and Jack’s Scouse Jerry Macguire was quite inspiring. That boy really does have a talent. 

Big Town Showdown

Also this morning we had an outstanding round of the Big Town Showdown as ‘Clammy’ Claire from St Leonards (as she was kindly labelled by Jack) came on and smashed it out of the park. She wiped Debbie from Hastings off the top of the leaderboard with a spectacular time of 33.9 seconds. That’s almost 6 seconds better than Debbie’s impressive time! Here is her round...



On tomorrow’s show Jack will attempt to get the builders across the road from the radio station to build what he wants on their site…make sure you tune in for their reaction!

See you early doors people.