The Strangest Thing You've Come Home To Find

Oh YEAH…Friday!! What a wonderful day you are!

There was silliness aplenty on this morning’s show. Tom was all excited ahead of his weekend away with his beautiful wife Maxine…they’re off to Anglesey for a few days and to ensure they make the most of their romantic time away Tom has thrown caution to the wind and upgraded their room to one with a sea view. Jack was hugely supportive of this reckless and carefree attitude during these austere times as you only get one chance at this life and sometimes you’ve just got to throw money at it. Good on you Tommy! So how much was this upgrade anyway? A whopping 14 quid…you devil!!

Jack had a bit of a fright yesterday when he got home and ventured down to his shed to put something away. A grass snake slithered out in front of him and under the hedge into next door’s garden. Ugh. As a result of this shocking discovery Jack wanted to know about the strangest thing you’ve ever come home to…and my word have you stumbled across some interesting things! 


On Monday’s show…Tony Shepherd will be looking after things whilst Tom continues to romance his wife in Wales (try not to think about that too much) and we’ll be asking what you’d love to do if it was your last day on earth. Could it be the same as Brad Pitt?!