The Electric Shock Lie Detector Test!

It's Friiiiidaaaaayyy!!!!!

This morning was an interesting one! We found out that Tom likes to lie to his wife, Nicola is an honest woman and Jack lies to Tom and Nic so he can leave early.

Producer Brian brought an electric shock lie detector into the studio!!
Then live on the show, Tom, Nic and Jack were put on the spot and questioned to see just how honest they really are.
It was hilarious!! And according to Tom and Jack, quite painful!!!
If you didn't hear it, don't worry.


First up was's how he got on...

Then it was down to Nicola. Is she an honest person? Or is she a little white liar?...


THEN it was Jack's turn!!! Ooooohhhh!!! Will he be caught out?! Listen to this!!...

Cheeky little liars!!...................Except Nicola!

Have a great weekend!! We'll see you bright and early Monday morning!!