The Final Day Of Fan Week

It's a very chilly Friday's Friday so HURRAY!

It was the final day of Fan Week on Heart Breakfast. Today's 'Flash Rob' challenge was for Jack. His challenge was to sing a well known Robbie Williams song in front of at least 50 people! What would he do? Where will he go?

He nailed this
Also today is the final day that you can play Roll For Robbie! Your first chance today was with Tom, Nicola and Jack at 8 o'clock this morning. This morning's caller was Sue from Bexhill......she is a MASSIVE Robbie Williams fan and she's been on the phone all week trying to get through. We she did get through and she rolled a 5! The hardest question. It was so so tense!
She had no idea what the answer was so she just took a guess.......and what a great guess it was! She was correct!! YES!! *AIR PUNCH*
CONGRATULATIONS Sue! She'll be heading to that exclusive Robbie gig on Tuesday the 19th and we can promise, she will have an amazing time.
There are still a few more chances to win today with Toby and Nick. Good luck!
The big town showdown will be back from Monday, the general knowledge quiz where you play for the place that you live and love. Tune in from 8:30.
Have a good weekend!