Things You Only See In The Movies

Its Friiiiiiidaaaaaaaay!!!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Nicola revealed that there are open auditions for the new Star Wars movie! This could be Tom's big break!!..........or not. Tom isn't really a fan of Star Wars. He thinks it's full of cliches. Good guy in white, bad guy in black. The death trap closes conveniently slowly so they have enough time, not just to get out but also to tell a bad joke or two.

There are so many movies that are full of cliches! But that's what makes a good film right?
What are the things that only happen in movies?
- Every grocery bag always has a stick of celery and a lengthy baguette sticking out (Carly in Worthing)
- In the middle of a fire/storm/fight/war, there is always time for a romantic kiss (Gemma in Hastings)
- When a character walks in to a bar, they always just order a beer.......WHAT BEER DO THEY WANT?!
- The characters never go to the toilet (Emma on Facebook)
On a police stake-out, the action will only ever take place when food is being consumed and scalding hot coffees are perched precariously on the dashboard (Emma Yilmaz on Facebook)
- They always disarm the bomb with 3 seconds remaining

But without these cliches, James Bond would be killed just before the theme music, the 101 dalmations would be made into coats and Bridget Jones would be married right at the start! That would make for a very boring film!
It's an exciting week next week on Heart Breakfast!! Jack the Lad will be back after his week off and we'll be playing ROLL FOR ROBBIE!! Yep, your chance to win tickets to an exclusive small gig to see Mr Robbie Williams! If you're a Robbie fan then trust us, you don't want to miss out. Listen just after 8.