Things You Shouldn't Say To A Woman In Labour

The summer continues in Sussex and Surrey…we’re loving it!

Jack’s getting a little frustrated with people moaning about the heat but it’s hard not to when we’re not built for it. We’re just not used to all this hot stuff!

Lyns told us this morning that it’s not all glamour and giant salaries when you work on a Hollywood Blockbuster as body-double David Paterson discovered when he loaned his body parts to Brad Pitt in his latest movie World War Z. Apparently he got paid just over £4 an hour for his stint on the film…a little different to Brad’s £9m pay packet. Jack went a bit coy but eventually revealed that he too has been paid paltry sums of money for body-double work. He once doubled for Patrick Swayze back in his Point Break days and for Jason Statham too in one of his movie roles. He was shattered to receive his latest request for body-double work though…cuddly comedian Omid Djalili is his latest project. The similarities are striking…

Also today we wanted to prepare Prince William for the imminent arrival of his new baby by putting together a dossier of the top ten things not to say in the delivery room whilst Kate’s in labour. Thanks to your help there are some real gems on the list! Check it out below...



Tomorrow it’s FRIDAY! We’ll be super-excited about another weekend in the sunshine plus we’ll have your final chance to win 4 VIP tickets to see The Saturdays and The Wanted at the brand new SD2 Festival coming to Stanmer Park, Brighton this coming September.

See you bright & early!