Thursday: A Fun Game For You

It was all a little bit crazy on Heart Breakfast today.....

Tom, Kaz and Jack had a little something for you to try....

If you draw '-2 -2 + =' on the top of your head with your finger, it will sound like the Mary Poppins classic "Chim Chimney"!

It actually works!! Give it a try!!

The Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

Jack gave us a run-down this morning of the most random things left in Travelodge Hotels.

Would you believe a bucket of crabs, a micro-pig, Harry Potters original wand and a panto horse were some of the things left in hotel rooms!

Tom and Kaz tried to explain how a bucket of crabs got left in a hotel room but it all got a bit too silly!


On tomorrow's show we talk about the biggest new movies to look out for in 2013 and will Tom have learned any more welsh by tomorrow? Maybe we should put him to the test!

See you in the morning!