Thursday: Good Deeds Gone Wrong

After a policeman got stuck up a tree whilst trying rescue a cat, Tom Kaz & Jack pulled out the puns.

Tom suggested that "He should have stayed rooted to the ground", Jack said "He didn't twig that he'd get stuck up there" and that "Everything is going to pine" and finally Kaz said that "He should stick to the day job".

We then asked if you've ever done a good deed for somebody and it's worked out really badly for you. Mark called in and told us what happened to him...


We had a debut performance for a new town on the Big Town Showdown this morning.... 

Guy called the show and asked to represent his home town of Woodingdean. He has lived there for 30 years born and bred and wanted to see where he could put his town on the leader-board.

He didn't have a terrible round but it wasn't quite good enough to get Woodingdean in the Top 5. He got a few wrong so after time penalties were added, he managed a score of 72.1 which put them in 13th position.



Tomorrow is a big day on Heart Breakfast! We are giving away a holiday to Portugal all thanks to Direct Travel Insurance.

Imagine the smell of sun cream, the sand between your toes and a cocktail in your hand in beautiful Portugal for a week. Fancy it? Make sure you are listening tomorrow at 7.25am for your chance to win!

Also on the show tomorrow, we will be getting ready for "NOTHING BUT 90'S" on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday! All your favourite songs from a brilliant era of music. Keep your radio's on LOUD!