Thursday: Kaz's Bush Tucka Trial

Kaz joined Tom and Jack back on Heart Breakfast this morning...... 

But they had a little surprise for her! Tom and Jack had managed to blag a ticket for Kaz to see Alicia Keys at Heart's Love, Music, Live event tomorrow but they wanted her to EARN her ticket instead of just giving it to her. Tom and Jack had arranged for Chris and Craig from Southern Reptiles to come to the studio and bring some creepy crawlies in. The idea was Kaz had to fish a set of "keys" from each box. There were 3 boxes in total and they contained a tarantula, 2 snakes and a collection of crickets and cockroaches.

See how Kaz got on with the creatures from Souther

Kaz was blindfolded and had to put her hand in each box and fish out the keys but what she didnt know was while she was blindfolded they took the boxes away and they were tickling the ends of her fingers with different objects! Kaz was jumping around absolutely terrified until the boys told her to take off the blindfold!

See all the photos by clicking HERE.

When she realised what had happened, to say she was relieved was an understatement!! Tom and Jack are little monkeys!!

Big Town Showdown

We had John from Crawley Down on to play the Big Town Showdown today. John had a good round and managed 8 questions right! But with 2 wrong that added 20 seconds to his time and he put the town he loves in 21st position. Hear his round by clicking HERE.

More Big Town Showdown tomorrow!


Jack Wrong Number 

We have the last round of our Mattel competition where you can win £500!! Get ready at 7.25am for your last chance to play! And Jack has another "You've Got The Wrong Number Mate" calls for you. You can hear all of his previous calls by clicking HERE.