Thursday: A Real Princess on the Show

Today we had an actual Princess on the show.....

No really, we had a lady called Princess who was playing for the town she loves.....Crawley!

Unfortunately Princess had a very bad round and ended up only answering 2 questions correctly. With time penalties added she had a score of 138 seconds! Not a good score but she was a very lovely lady indeed!

You can hear her round below...


MK Marathon Out on the Course

Tom was talking today about his marathon training! He is running the Brighton half marathon in February and he is well into his training now. He is running with an army of "Have a Heart" runners to raise lots of cash for charity.

He is out pounding the streets with his new tight running shorts to which Jack said "You must wear something over the top of the shorts!!" 

........they are a little on the tight side Tom!


Les Miserables

On tomorrows show we talk about HUGE new movie Les Miserables and Kaz brings us all the celeb gossip you can shake a stick at from Twitter!

See you tomorrow!