Tom & Jack Dance To Bananarama

Another day…another moment in the limelight for our Tommy. We’ll fill you in on that in a moment!

Lyns had worrying news this morning. You might think your other half has eyes for you only but it turns out the majority of adults in this country have a crush on at least 3 other people in their lives at any one time whether they’re in a relationship or not. Ouch! These people can be work colleagues, people they see on their daily commute or in local shops and cafes…but the worst thing of all is that they could actually be your own friends. Jack mulled this over for all of 5 seconds before listing off several of his wife’s friends who he finds attractive. He failed to mention Lynsey or Tom’s wife Maxine though. Charming!

If rumours are to be believed David Beckham is soon to take up a new career in acting as he’s been offered a role in a new spy movie. His wife Victoria has got a little over excited and thinks that Becks will make a tremendous Bond! In anticipation of this unlikely event we asked for your help in coming up with the top ten Bond/Beckham puns and as always you stepped up to the challenge…have a listen on the Breakfast page of the website.

So Tom. Rugged, masculine, testosterone-fuelled Tom. Hmmm…definitely not the case if this little moment is anything to go by. Enjoy! 


On tomorrow’s show Jack’s taken offence after being accused of not getting involved in the camper side of life so he’s promised us one heck of a surprise. Don’t miss it!