Tom, Lynsey & Jack's Weird Food Combinations

Tom, Lynsey & Jack's Food Combinations

Tom, Lynsey & Jack really put themselves through the mill in the name of entertainment this morning!

We started off by posting the most cringey ‘selfies’ we could possible muster on our Facebook page. Tom’s…entitled ‘DIY Hard’…was our particular favourite.

You got involved too, posting the cheesiest of cheesy self-taken pictures for us all to see. Thanks for your efforts so early in the morning!

Check them out at

Later in the show we risked the lining of our stomachs as we tested out some of your minging food combinations! On yesterday’s show you told us all about the bizarre food stuffs you like eat at the same time so we thought we’d better have a go ourselves. Producer Brian delivered a surprise treat for each of us to try…Lynsey’s was Battenburg with brown sauce (euwww), Tom’s was Coco Pops with ketchup (bleurgh) and Jack’s was ice-cream with chicken skin (raaalph). Watch the video and see it for yourself, as you can imagine our reactions were pretty dramatic!...


On tomorrow’s show we want to hear from the ladies about your immature men as we’ll be chatting about why blokes just can’t stop themselves from being big kids! See you bright and early from 6. x