Tuesday: Tom's man bag & a free holiday

This week we are giving away an amazing whale-watching holiday to the The Azores!


Every day we will ask 3 questions and the winner stays on for the following day. So even if a player has stayed on all week someone else could come in and steal the prize right at the end!

On today's show we had Karen back on who answered all her questions correctly the day before! She got question 3 wrong so player 2 Wayne came on to steal the prize! He will be back tomorrow playing for the holiday on Friday!

Tune in to tomorrow's show to see how he gets on!

Back to school

Today we had a lovely chat about Tom's "manbag"

He brings this bag to work everyday and it is always very heavy and has loads of stuff in it! Turns out, 4 in 5 men have one! Jack was a bit naughty and emptied the contents of Tom's manbag live on the show.......poor Tommy. 

Find out what was inside his bag by listening below.



Lenny Henry and Dawn French

On tomorrow's show we have TV funnyman Lenny Henry joining us! He will be telling us all about his new tour and what life is like for him at the moment. We will have another round of the Big Town Showdown and more Twitter Chatter. 

Join us in the morning from 6am!