Tuesday: Advice To Your Teenage Self

So Hugh Jackman is a big movie star..... But even he has regrets! He has said recently in an interview that if he could go back and have a word with his 18 year old self he would say "Don't be a loud mouth idiot!"

Jack said if he could go back he would tell himself to learn a trade! The world will always need electricians and plumbers. He also would tell himself that electric fences are not toys! Kaz said she would not have messed with her hair. If she could go back and tell herself at 18 to keep it natural she would! And Tom would love to tell his 18 year old self that he doesn't have to try and dress cool all the time! At least he is taking that advice now ;)

Loads of you got involved with this one......

Gary- i would tell myself to leave the girls alone!

Nikki-  Don't taste lasagne, it'll make you fat!

Deb- Listen to your mum, she is ALWAYS right....

Victoria-  Don't smoke just because everyone else does.

Richard- Invent the iPhone!

Lots of great calls and texts today! Thanks Sussex and Surrey! 

And Tom told us an amazing story about when his mum and his sister seriously got their wires crossed. Hear it for yourself by clicking below.



Union Jack Flag

Tom puts Kaz and Jack on the spot with the new UK citizenship test! Fingers crossed they know the answers to the questions!

See you tomorrow from 6am!