Tuesday: Bandit The Raccoon On Heart

Believe it or not, we had more talking racoons on Heart Breakfast today....

When Turpin and Bandit (the raccoon's from Drusilla's) went missing a few weeks back, we were all very concerned. Turpin managed to find her way home but little Bandit was still missing!

Yesterday we got the great news that Bandit had returned to Drusillas and he was fine! So all ended well. We managed to get Bandit on the phone and he let us know what he has been up to......


Maternity wards have been very busy over the last 24 hours! We had 2 celebrity babies to announce this morning....

Marvin and Rochelle engaged in Antigua

Marvin and Rochelle Humes had a baby girl yesterday so today we welcome the gorgeous Alaia-Mai Humes. We also know Coleen Rooney has given birth to another gorgeous baby boy "Klay Anthony Rooney" she confirmed her wonderful news on Twitter.

Both mummies and babies are doing really well, congratulations!!


On tomorrow's show we have a HUGE announcement about two international groups coming to the SD2 festival in Brighton this september. Plus Kaz has a little game for Tom and Jack. She has been celeb spotting again and you wont believe who it is this time! 

See you in the morning!