Tuesday: Celebs At Your House

We loved the story about Sir Anthony Hopkins who was showing his family around the area he grew up and just randomly knocked on the door of his old family home! The owners invited them in and let them look around and Anthony asked if he could give them £180,000 to buy the house off them!

It got us talking about celebrities houses that we have been to or celebs that have been to your house.....

Tom has had Biggins over to his house for Christmas before and Jack has been round to Peter Andre's for a cuppa. Kaz went to Brian Belo's house just after he won Big Brother and he had lots of BB things in his house! All very interesting.

Loads of you called in with your stories. Michelle said she came into the living room one morning to see Chris Eubank sat on the sofa with her dad! Dee had a guesthouse and she had possibly the biggest celebrity in the world...well kind of...



Big Town Showdown

There is a lot of excitement about the Big Town Showdown being back! 

It's the 2nd day of the new season and on today's show we had the lovely Nina on the show representing Crowborough! She had a pretty good round and managed to get 9 questions right! 

With a good time of 60.1 she put Crowborough at the top of the leaderboard (Well above Shoreham) on day 2! Hear her round by clicking here.

Which town will be having a go tomorrow?!


On tomorrow's show we talking the secrets of dieting, more Twitter Chatter, Who's on Heart and Emma Bunton will be joining us for another chance to win £5,000 of holiday essentials!

See you tomorrow!