Tuesday: A Classic Jack Parody Video

We are replaying Jack's songs all week this week at 8.35!

Today's choice was the very funny "Nothing Compares to Pizza" which is a take on Sinead O'connor's classic.

Jack wrote it about how much he missed his favourite food, pizza, whilst training for the Brighton Marathon earlier in the year.



And it's all about the politics this Christmas.....

Well the present politics anyway! What is the correct way to be when you have received a really naff present??

Christmas Gifts

Jack said he would be totally honest and tell it like it is. "What is THIS??"  "Why would you buy me this??" were some of his best lines. Kaz on the other hand said she would spare the feelings of the present giver by saying "I just love it, how did you know?!" she also said minimum eye contact is best so they can't see how you really feel!! 

Tom also gave a very convincing acceptance speech with- "Have you been talking to my wife? Did she tell you I wanted this you clever thing!" 

We had a great call from Nikki in Henfield who couldn't hide her rage when her boyfriend gave her some festive nuts for Christmas! She said- "Why he would get me chocolate covered nuts I will never know!" He is now her EX- boyfriend


Tomorrow on the show Tom, Kaz and Jack do presents! They also talk Secret Santa and we will no doubt be dancing around to "Sleeps till Santa" once again.

See you in the morning!!