Tuesday: David Cameron On Pancakes

Jack's been off to London mixing with the rich and famous...... Well sort of. He caught up with four of the most powerful men in Britain and asked them some pressing questions! Were they questions on the Pope resigning? The horse meat scandal? No, he asked them about PANCAKES!!

Have a listen......



Kaz told a story today about a poor woman who had been putting savings into an account for over 2 years but the problem was it wasn't her account! She had given them the wrong details! Turns out she had put £26,650 into someone else's account!

Unfortunately she cannot get her money back as it is her error and if the bank replaced the money it would encourage fraud. It got us talking about moments in your life where something so awful has happened and you had an "Ohhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOO!!" moment.

We had a great call from a guy called Ryan who's dad got him a job at Gatwick airport. Ryan was having an off day and accidently drove the luggage lorry he was driving into the side of a parked plane! He caused £500,000 worth of damage and the 300 holiday makers had to be put up in a hotel for a night! Then his Dad fired him!

Not a great day for poor old Ryan!


On tomorrow's show we talk about a something that will probably will either make you sick or smile. We talk about Valentines Day and the thinks that fellas should steer well clear of!

See you in the morning!