Tuesday: Fancy Dress Nightmares

Some of us love them, some of us despise them! We were talking fancy dress horror stories on this morning's Heart Breakfast.

You told us some great stories including one from Julie who said "I was mortified I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for a party, complete with blonde wig and I thought I looked the part. The host opened the door and announced Vanessa Feltz had arrived. I went on a diet after that".

Alison said "I went to a fancy dress that was supposed to be movie characters , as got my husband a batman outfit then at the last minute the host changed it to Hollywood theme but. Didn't tell my husband so he turned up in this batman outfit and everyone else in suits. Playing casino he was not happy when he realised I had kept it from him."

Habz also told us his very funny story...


Los Angeles

And on today's show we had a great prize to give away! At 7.25am we had the lovely Emma Bunton on the show giving away a £5,000 holiday to L.A!

Today's lucky winner was Stephen! He will be jetting of to Los Angeles and living the good life!

More chances to win tomorrow and for the rest of the week with new movie "Epic"

On tomorrow's show we ask you this "What are the things you only see when the sun comes out?"

See you in the morning.....