Tuesday: The Lengths You Go To For Love

So today on Heart Breakfast we were talking about L-O-V-E........ A gorilla in a zoo learnt how to tightrope walk so he could find himself a mate! It got us thinking about the lengths you would go to for love?

Tom joined a school show choir to try and get to know a girl he fancied. She had the role of Sandy and he auditioned for Danny and got the part!! Unfortunately she dropped out and he had to perform with a girl he didn't quite like so much! Ooops!

A lovely lady called Yolet called in and said there was a greek boy she really fancied when she was younger. She had a fantastic idea of how to pull him, click below to find out what it was...

Yolet goes the extra mile for love

Breaking News

And Jack kicked out newsreader Marcella out of her news booth and read his own headlines. We're not sure there's a lot of truth in any of the stories, however they did make us laugh! 



On tomorrow's show we check out the video of Jack being put through his paces at Wickwoods Country Club with personal trainer Dom! Tom and Kaz had a much more relaxing time!!

See you in the morning from 6am!