Tuesday: The Pressure Of The Chant

It's Tuesday, and what a foggy start we had this morning! It was like driving through a mystical cloud.

This morning, Tom, Nicola and Jack were discussing a story of a teenage girl who got stuck in a children's swing! It's obvious isn't it, she was the victim of the curse of the chant. When all your friends used to gather round and chant 'DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT', which would make would force you to do it! Charlie gave Heart Breakfast a call, she was the victim of a chant.....

The Chant Of Doom

Plus, this morning was round 2 for the couples playing to win a wedding! All 4 remaining couples came into the studio but Tom, Nic and Jack revealed a bit of a twist.....no one was eliminated today! Oh no! Their challenge today is to go out and find 'something old, something new, something borrowed OR something blue'.

Our listeners will decide tomorrow morning from 8am which couple has the BEST 'something old, new borrowed or blue'. So make sure you tune in tomorrow to cast your vote! The couple who receives the least amount of votes will be eliminated from the competition! TENSE!!!


We've got another chance to win £500, make sure you listen at 7.20.