Tuesday: Tom Proves He Is Uncool

So Tom revealed this morning he loves a bum-bag.......

To Kaz and Jack's utter disgust, he said he likes to wear one from time to time like at the airport so he knows where all his important documents are. He said they are handy and practical and he doesn't see what all the fuss is about?

Kaz and Jack said they are just not very cool and people will laugh! The lovely people of Sussex and Surrey were asked to text in with 1 word for what they thought of bumbags. Here are some of the results......








Don't worry Tom. Someone on the textline thinks they are "sexy" .........

Big Town Showdown 

And today on Heart Breakfast we had a debut for the Big Town Showdown!! Never before has Smallfield played the BTS but today Nathan wanted to have a go.

He had quite a good round! Only getting 1 question wrong gave Nathan a final score of 59.4 putting him TOP of the leader board! (However at the moment there are only 2 people on the leader board) But well done to Smallfield for a great try. 


On tomorrow's show we talk about wearing make-up at the gym and we have the latest, ground breaking research on goldfish......yes really. You won't find this stuff anywhere else!

See you in the morning!