Wednesday: Celebrity Ryders

So today on Heart Breakfast Kaz had a game for Tom and Jack.....

When these big celebrities go and play gigs like the O2 or Glastonbury they have a "Ryder" which is basically a list of things they would like when they get there. So for example it could be a certain brand of alcohol, a particular food they like or even computer games. Whatever the artist wants, the artist most cases.

So Kaz took a some of the biggest artist about and had a look at their gig Ryder to see what they have been asking for and she came up with a little game...


Harry was playing for Crawley today on the Big Town Showdown! 

He had to beat Ferring who were in the top spot with 44.4 to go in 1st position. Unfortunately the nerves got Harry and he ended up with a few questions wrong. He didn't improve Crawley's position today but we enjoyed having Harry on the show!



On tomorrow's show we have another holiday to L.A to give away with Emma Bunton! Make sure you are listening at 7.25am!

See you in the morning!