Wednesday: Celebs In A Pub

What a weird weather day…hot, sticky, rainy, thundery. Make up your mind Mother Nature!

On today’s show Tom confided that he and his wife Maxine like to inject a bit of passion and romance into their marriage every now and then in the shape of a ‘date night’. In fact it’s Max’s birthday on Tuesday so Tom is thinking of meeting her at the restaurant they’re planning to eat at and pretend they’ve never met before just for the fun of it. Lynsey & Jack were horrified by the creepiness of the whole shebang. Surely it’s just plain weird to act like you don’t know the person you’ve been living with for several weird. It would seem Tom isn’t alone though as a quick straw poll revealed that you lovely lot enjoy nothing more than a bit of role play when out for the evening with your other half. You really are odd! 

Also today we told you a great story about Michelle Obama and Bono strolling into a remote Irish pub together. Jack spent many years working in clubs and pubs and has spotted a fair few odd couples along the way…find out exactly who on the Breakfast page of the website!

Celebs In A Pub 


On tomorrow’s show we’ll tell you about the crazy new rules you’ll have to abide by when you travel on Samoan Air and we’ll have another gripping round of the Big Town Showdown.

See you in the morning from 6am.