Wednesday: Soap Opera Weddings

Nobody wants to cancel their wedding......

But if it goes that far and you need to cancel then help is at hand! "Cancelled Weddings" is a new service that will buy your wedding from you if you have decided to cancel! It gives you the chance to get some of your cash back but then they will sell your wedding to someone else for a discounted price! So in a round about way everyone's happy?

It got us talking about weddings and we had some great texts from people that have one wedding they will always remember for all the wrong reasons!!

Sam- I was so convinced that I was going to trip over walking up the aisle in church that we decided to go and get married in Jamaica at a resort. As I walked up to my husband outside under the palm trees I didn't see one of the water sprinklers down in the grass....

Clare- My wedding cake fell over half way through the wedding breakfast?!! Was hilarious!!

Pauline- At my cousins Keith's wedding, best man got totally trashed could barely speak and when it was his turn for his speech, he didn't even read his speech but decided to ad lib about the bride and grooms conquests in detail. Needless to say, 1 unhappy bride, Keith had to haul the best man off stage. They still don't speak and for some reason, no-one ever got their copy of the wedding video. Thankfully they laugh about it now. Have to admit, it was awful on the day but def worth the cabaret act!!! X

Samantha- At my good friends wedding, just before they had said " I do " and signed the book the priest decided it would be a good time to pass out! And that he did, luckily most of us there were nurses so we were all holding his legs up in the air trying to get the colour back to his cheeks all the while the mother of the groom was holding the book binding them in marriage over the poor priests head saying sign it sign it so this wedding is legal! The ambulance crew looked fab in the wedding pictures! Father Leo was fine in the end. He ended up having a few sherries and dancing the night away!

Some brilliant stories and some very memorable wedding days. 

Big Town Showdown

We had the lovely Hayley from Portslade on the show today playing the Big Town Showdown.

Hayley had a great round with only 1 question wrong! After her 10 second time penalty was added this gave her a great score of 52.9 putting her in the top spot! See how you would have got on with today's questions by clicking HERE!


On tomorrow's show Jack has come up with another crazy game........"Goat or Geezer" ......You know you don't want to miss this!!

See you in the morning!