Were you a naughty kid?

Remember remember the 5th of November.....that's today! Hurray! Happy Bonfire night!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tom was a tad on the stressed and grumpy side, last week he picked up his new car. He popped to Tescos in his new car with his 3 year old son who threw a little bit of a tantrum on the journey. Upon arrival, Tom shut his son in the car to calm him down and as a bit of a telling off. Whilst Tom stood outside the car giving his son the 'i'm so cross with you' face, his son stood still.....the next thing Tom knew, his 3 year old had "watered" the car if you know what i mean. Yep. We did a wee wee in Tom's band spanking new car! CUE A VERY EMBARRASSED AND VERY CROSS TOM!

 Tom and Nicola asked, what is the naughtiest thing you did as a kid. We received some utterly hilarious texts and calls. Andy in Worthing got a can of paint and painted his little sister from head to toe! Hair and everything!
We had a call from Mrs Evans herself, yes Tom's mum! She told possibly the funniest story about Tom as a boy. You HAVE to listen to this...
Also big news for Katy Perry!! She has overtaken Justin Bieber on twitter. She is now the most followed person on twitter! Currently standing at 46,596,212 followers! If you look on her twitter and click *refresh* every 5 seconds, you'll see her followers go up and up and up (like a firework....AHTHANKYA!)
Make sure you tune in to Heart Breakfast when you wake up tomorrow as Nicola will reveal some big news on Geri Halliwell!.....Ok it's not that big. It's actually pretty shocking how small it is...