What Do You Get Asked At Work?

It's Thursday the 14th of November! Happy 65th birthday to Prince Charles!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nicola and Jack were playing 'What is your job?'

Basically they asked 'what is the main question you get asked at work?', then Tom, Nic and Jack would guess what you do for a living.
There were some toughies!
- 'Is it gonna hurt?' ....obviously a dentist
- 'Can you knock a couple of digits off?' (Gavin on the phone)......believe it or not....he's a water meter tester!
- 'Can you let me know when the brush is out?' (Justin in Eastbourne)....this was a very tough one! But Nicola nailed it, Justin is a chimney sweep!
Round 2 of Flash Rob! Nicola had a challenge yesterday to get as many people as she can to join her in a rendition of a famous Robbie Williams song without any planning and being completely spontaneous. She decided to go to County Mall in Crawley. Want to know how she got on? You NEED to watch this...
CRINGE!!! Poor Nicola!
Today's challenge is for Jack. Here's what he has to do...
"Jack, your challenge is to go out today and perform a version of Robbie's Angels in front of an audience of at least 50"
How will he get on? Find out tomorrow from 8:15.
Also on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nic and Jack played another round of Roll For Robbie! Your chance to see Robbie Williams at an exclusive intimate gig in London this Tuesday! This morning's winner was Nicky from Crawley! She screamed so loud when she won that the Heart Breakfast team had to remove their headphones!
Want to join Nicky and all of our other winners? Make sure you tune in to Heart Breakfast tomorrow from 8