What Random Things Should Be Illegal?

It's Tuesday! PANCAKE DAY!! YES!!!!

So yesterday, after Jack's 10th anniversary show, we all popped out for a bit of breakfast to celebrate. Jack did the unspeakable......he got his bread and actually mopped his bread in my food juice! I hadn't even finished!! He didn't ask or anything!

Bloomin' cheek!

That should be against the law! 

It's not the 1st time he's done it! He once dunked his digestive biscuit into Tony's tea! Honestly....

So I decided to set up a list this morning. A list of 'what random little things should be against the law'. 

I tell you what, all of Sussex and Surrey have a lot you want to make illegal! You guys! Anyway, here's what made my list...

Dunking in someone else's tea
Limp Handshakes
People who lick their yoghurt lids
Men over a certain age who wear budgie smugglers
A small amount of hair on a bald head. 
Have a great day and we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning where, guess what, Jack's mouth has got him into trouble again.......
Nic x