Why Is Your Partner A Big Kid?

Another gloomy day outside our window…but the sun was still shining inside the Heart Breakfast studio.

We revealed some astonishing research that proves once and for all that men really are just big kids. The fact is they actually take 11 years longer to mature than women. The ladies of Sussex and Surrey got in touch to tell us just how childish their fellas are…including several texts that featured the words ‘Dutch Oven’. Classy.

Angela from Crawley has a real struggle getting her bloke to act his age. Click below to find out what she struggles to get her fella to do...

Partners That Won't Grow Up

On today’s Big Town Showdown Jodie from Shoreham Beach took up the challenge. She gave it her best…she really did…but with 3 questions wrong and a 30 second penalty it was a mid to low table spot for her on the leaderboard with a time of 77.4 seconds. Will tomorrow’s contender fare any better?!


On tomorrow’s show we’ll be getting ready for Father’s Day. We don’t want to hear about how wonderful your old man is though (we’re sure he’s a proper legend). We want to hear about his cringey, embarrassing Dad moments…the ones that make you want to crawl under a rock.

See you in the morning!