Wimbledon TV Theme Game

The start of a brand new week...and plenty of fun to be had in the Heart studio. Tom had a long weekend romancing his wife (!) so the delectable Tony Shepherd was looking after things for him this morning.

Brad Pitt gets asked all sorts of questions by reporters and one recently asked what he would do if he knew the world was going to end tomorrow. His answer was quite simple…have a massive party! We all had our own ideas of how to spend our final day on the planet…Lyns wants to go skiing with her favourite celebrities, Jack would spend his last hours at a water park and Tony wants to take 12 items through the ’10 items or less’ aisle then munch his way through an entire Vienetta. Living life on the edge Tone!

Also this morning we celebrated the start of Wimbledon by playing you the infamous theme tune. This gave Jack a great excuse to set Tony & Lyns a TV theme tune challenge. Hear how they got on at the Breakfast page of the website…you can play along too!



On tomorrow’s show we’ll be getting all excited about summer holidays and we’ll find out just how romantic Tom’s weekend in Wales was!