Would You Rather...

Welcome to Tuesday, it's looking like it's going to get very chilly by the end of the week!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nicola and Jack played 'would you rather'. Always a good game!

It all started from some new research that Tom found. Apparently if you have your heating on then you're more likely to be slimmer as the heating speeds up your metabolism. That would be a pricey heating bill! So would you rather be skinny and skint or fat and rich?
Lots of you said fat and rich. Then you can spend your left over pounds on lipo!
So Nicola got the boys thinking....
Would you rather be able to run 100mph or fly 10mph? - Tom would rather run, Jack would rather fly!
Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers? - Tom would rather long fingers, Jack would rather short legs.
Katy in Redhill asked - would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? - Tom, Nic and Jack all agreed, they'd definitely go for the 100 duck sized horses.
Such a fun game!
Also this morning we played our sleeps till Santa song!! Today is 22 sleeps till Santa!!! HURRAY!
We will be playing the song every morning at 8:15 so make sure you tune in tomorrow to hear it. If you miss it, click here and you can listen online!