XL Seats On Airplanes

One more sleep ‘til Friday people…you’re nearly there!

Lynsey told the boys about actress Helen Flanagan who is currently staying with her boyfriend’s best mate whilst he’s away working. That must be one trusting friendship…Flanners is super hot! Jack maintained that he would never even consider ‘going there’ with his best mate’s girl. It’s one of the biggest unwritten rules in life. Encouraged by this Tom wondered if it would be ok for his wife Maxine to stay with Jack when he goes away later in the year. Jack is more than happy to accommodate her so long as she falls in line with his theme nights…Massage Mondays, Tops-Off Tuesdays, NudgeNudgeWinkWink Wednesdays, Thrusty Thursdays and Frenchy Fridays. Euw!

Also this morning, Jack revealed that Samoan Air can now offer more space and comfort to their larger passengers in the form of bigger seats. In order to launch this new idea they did of course have to carry out some safety checks…which oddly enough Lynsey was involved in.


Big Town Showdown

On this morning’s round of the Big Town Showdown Matt in Worthing came on and had a go. He’s a lovely fella but sadly not very good at general knowledge quizzes on the radio and ended up just a few spots off the bottom of the leaderboard. Big shame Matty. If you’d like to represent your town register now at heart.co.uk.


Tomorrow on Heart Breakfast we’ll be hearing from Prince Charles ahead of William’s 31st birthday and we’ll be getting increasingly excited about the fact it’s Friday! 

See you tomoz lovely people.