Heart Charity Shop Challenge

See how Tom, Lynsey & Jack got on with the Heart Breakfast Charity Shop Dress up Challenge for a fiver and vote who should win... Have a look at the pictures and make your choice. Who should win the challenge?

Yesterday we heard that Amy Winehouse has given around £20, 000 worth of designer clothes to a charity shop which got us talking about charity shop shopping! Neither Tom nor Lynsey are big fans of second-hand clothes…whereas Jack on loves a bargain and has picked up some real gems along the way.

In fact Jack got so excited about the whole charity shop experience he decided to prove once and for all that there are some proper bargains to be had and set the team a challenge to see if we could pick up an outfit for a fiver. So after the show we hit the high street and here’s what we found…brace yourself!






Heart Breakfast Dress up ChallengeHeart Breakfast Dress up Challenge

Heart Breakfast Dress up Challenge