An Emotional Goodbye

Welcome to Monday! Hope everyone had a splendid weekend!

This morning was an interesting morning on Heart breakfast. Jack has changed!

Last week was the big release of the iPhone 5S and Jack kept saying 'It's only a phone, it's only a phone'......Jack has just got his hand on the new smartphone and now he's over the moon. The tough part was saying farewell to his old phone, it was an emotional goodbye and Siri didn't take it very well.

[iphone clip]

Also this morning, it was a big day for 5 couples across Sussex and Surrey. We had 5 couples in the studio all playing to win a dream winter wedding! What a prize!! Each day they'll come in, take on a challenge and the losing couple would be sent home until we found our winning couple on Friday. This morning they all had to pick a ring box at random and the couple with a Haribo ring inside would be sent home. Oh it was so tense! So Laura and Mike were first up to open their box..........silence.......Laura opened the box.....AND IT WAS THE HARIBO RING! OH NO! WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THEM FINDING IT ON THE FIRST GO?!

So Laura and Mike were unfortunately asked to leave the competition and we are now left with 4 couples...
- Claire and Vince
- James and Hannah
- Chris and Kelly
and Justin and Hayley

Tune in every morning this week from 8 to hear how they get on. Plus, make sure you tune into Heart Breakfast from 7:20 as you could win up to £750 in cash all thanks to Bensons for Beds! oooooohhhhhh nice.