Friday: Mobile Phone Anniversary

This morning on Heart Breakfast, Tony and Kaz celebrated the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone with some fun facts that are “100% true”, honestly they are! Such as…

  • The first mobile phone was the same size and weight as a bread bin.
  • Facebook was first accessed from a mobile phone device in 2004…an event which more than quadrupled the average office toilet-break from 3 minutes to quarter of an hour.
  • The first mobile phone call was made in 1973…It was a withheld number telling someone they were owed thousands in miss-sold PPI payments.

It somehow got on to ring tones and text alerts and Kaz thought it would be a good idea to challenge Tony to a "Crazy Frog - OFF". You can only imagine how bad Tony's impression was.... it's not his strong point!

Also this morning on Heart Breakfast, with the holiday season upon us Kaz was saying how she needed to renew her passport.


But the photo she had done was SO AWFUL she has to go back and get another one done! She said she doesn't want to be stuck with it for the next 10 years!

Tony said he had a friend that hated her passport photo so much, she stuck another one over the top!! That isn't quite legal and she got a telling off!

Thanks so much to Tony Shepherd for looking after things this week while Tom has been away. He will be back from Monday with Kaz but where is Jack??

Have a great weekend!