Phobia Week

All this week on Heart Breakfast, we've been facing up to our biggest fears, from clowns and frogs to large buildings and mint sauce.. yep that's right, mint sauce!!

Each morning we spun the 'Roulette Wheel Of Fear' to find out who should face up to their fear... either Tom, Nicola, Jack, or a Heart listener.

Jack's Phobia Of Big Buildings

On Monday, the wheel landed on Jack who has a phobia of large buildings! He can't set foot into any building with high ceilings and describes it as 'that feeling when you swim under an oil rig'. Tom and Nicola took Jack to Lancing College, where they have the biggest school chapel in the World! How would he cope with it? Would he set foot inside? This is how he got on....

Anita's Phobia Of Mint Sauce

Next the 'Wheel Of Fear' landed on 'Listener' and we heard about Anita who has huge fear of mint sauce! Jack turned up to her workplace in Worthing with a big bowl of the green stuff and gave her a rather big surprise! See how Anita got on...

Tom's Phobia Of Clowns

Tom had a few phobias to choose from (what a wuss) - snakes, small spaces or clowns!

After Tom laughing at Jack on Monday while he faced his phobia, Jack wanted to make Tom suffer. So he chose to scare Tom 'CLOWN STYLE'! 

But to be honest after scaring Tom, Jack got a bit carried away and decided to get the whole office! Watch a few of favourite reactions...

Nicola's Phobia Of Frogs

Finally, after the 'Roulette Wheel Of Fear' landed on Nicola, she was taken to Drusillas Park by Tom and Jack to come face to face with her worst fear... FROGS.