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Friday 28th Oct

So, Tom, Lynsey & Jack are back from their hols on Monday. Speaking of the trio, and as it's Halloween this weekend, we thought we'd give you another chance to see Tom and Lyns get the fright of their lives...

Jack scared the heck out of them at Michelham Priory - if you missed it, watch the video now - it's worth it just to see Tom's face!

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Friday 22nd Oct

Such an exciting morning here in the Heart Breakfast studio…the return of the Friday Fun Game…whoop!

Hear how it went

Next Week

The three of us have got the week off but we’ll be leaving you in the capable (and very strong yet tender) hands of Mr Chris Brooks who will be chatting with Pixie Lott on the show on Monday.

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Thursday 21st Oct

Meet Stewie the cat! This isn’t an optical illusion or an edited photo but it is longest domestic cat in the world! Stewie measures in at 48.5 inches long.

World's longest cat

Wednesday 20th Oct

Whether you like football or not you can’t have failed to hear that Wayne Rooney might be about to make a dramatic change to his life…

World Cup - Players

Listen in


We’ll be chatting about the phases that you’ve never grown out of…

…plus we’ve got a grand to give away on the £1000 Minute and you can win Robbie Williams’ new album during the Time Tunnel.

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Tuesday 19th October

Well we thought we were a fairly attractive bunch here on Heart Breakfast…but it would seem we were sorely mistaken!

Listen in


Hollywood A-lister and star of the American Office Steve Carell will be on the show.

Steve Carell

Plus we’ll be asking whether you’ve ever put a prospective partner through any kind of secret test!

Monday 18th October


Weighing scales

It would seem that it’s not just the ladies that worry about their waistlines as Lynsey told us this morning…

Hear what she had to say


We’ve got a grand to give away in the Thousand Pound Minute plus copies of Robbie’s new album for you to win!

We’ll also be having a chat about your big ambitions in life…



Friday 15th October

Gaga and Tonic

Lady Gaga's Kermit outfit

Lady GaGa has topped a poll of celebrities you’d most like to have a drink with…interesting choice! We wondered if you’d ever actually had a drink with anyone famous…

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Thursday 14th October

Chilean Miners Rescue

We were so happy and excited for the Chilean miners this morning we really wanted to do something to celebrate their rescue:

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Tuesday 12th October

Supermarket Shocker

There are certain things you expect to see when you visit your local supermarket…and certain things you don’t…

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Friday 8th October

Dannii Minogue, Waterworks and Tom Crying Like A Girl

Dannii Minogue

It was all about Danni Minouge and the latest X Factor gossip on Heart Breakfast this morning. If you missed it, catch up with the latest here…

Listen again

Meanwhile, the guys were getting all chocked up on the show today, asking what makes you turn the waterworks:

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If you want to see Tom crying…big softie…watch the video here…Armageddon gets him every time:

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Thursday 7th October 

Funny Man Jack Whitehall On The Show

Jack Whitehall

In celebration of the launch of Brighton Comedy Festival we had the very lovely and very funny Jack Whitehall on the show:

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Wednesday 6th October

Holidays From Hell

After hearing that a hotel in Delhi has ‘hired’ a troop of monkeys to protect its guests (gulp) we wondered if you’ve ever stayed anywhere dodgy…

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Monday 4th October


Gao Yang

We told you all about 37 year old Gao Yang who can sleep for 7 hours on a rope tied between two trees! Sometimes though you are so tired you could literally sleep ANYWHERE…

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Friday 1st October

Step Back In Time

Time Tunnel

Imagine for one moment if you will, that there’s a time machine parked in your driveway…which era would you chose to go back to?

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Thursday 30th September

Hello Stranger!


Tom had a little story for us this morning about a ram that charged through someone’s patio doors and wreaked havoc in their house! We wondered about the strangest thing you’ve ever found in your house…

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Wednesday 29th September

The Pets Factor

National Dog Day

We were hoping to find the most talented pet around this morning…and this is what we got instead!

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Tuesday 28th September

Mistakes At Work

Animal Antics

We told you about a daft newsreader in Cornwall who reported that a polar bear had been washed up on a Cornish beach…turned out it was actually a cow! She’s not the only one to make mistakes at work though…

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Monday 27th September



What do you do when you have someone as legendary as Lulu in for a chat…? Sing to her!

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Friday 24th September

One Does Like The Office

The Queen

So it turns out the Queen is a big Ricky Gervais fan…so much so that her grandson Harry recently got Ricky’s autograph for her! Whose autograph have you got…?

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Thursday 23rd September


We always love to hear from you on Heart Breakfast and today we received an email from Amy in Haywards Heath…she needed our help!

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Wednesday 22nd September

It Takes Two Babies?

BabyWe got onto the tricky topic of whether it’s ok to just have the one child on this morning’s show…Isabel called to give us her thoughts:

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Tuesday 21st September

Pastry News

Coffee and a danish pastry

Jack was well and truly on his soap box this morning as he discovered some worrying news affecting the pastry world:

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Monday 20th September

We Natter To Nadine

Nadine Coyle

If Charlotte Church on Friday wasn't enough, we brought you Nadine Coyle on Monday! She talked about albums, boyfriends and Girls Aloud.

Hear our chat here

Lynsey was on a mission this morning to show that men know very little about women’s fashion…she didn’t have to look too far to prove her theory!

Here's how it went!

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Friday 17th September 09:30am

Crazy Chick

charlotte church with Jamie and harriet in heart

Phew…it’s only Friday! We do love one of those particularly when we have great guests on the show like the multi-talented and super lovely Charlotte Church…

Listen again to our chat with Charlotte

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Wednesday 15th September 09:42am

Dear Barack...

Barack Obama

Lynsey told us a great story about a young British guy who’d had a few beers one evening whilst watching a documentary about American politics and got so annoyed he decided to email Barack Obama and give him a bit of a telling off! Michael got in touch with us and told us about the last ticking off he got…

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Tuesday 14th September 10:02am

Oprah! Oprah! Oprah!

Oprah Winfrey

US mega-star Oprah Winfrey has just started her final season on American telly…and it’s not just the guests that want to get on Oprah’s show…the studio audience love it too!

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Tuesday 14th September 07:10am

Good Deeds

On yesterday’s show Lynsey shared a news story with us that doing good deeds for other people can make you live longer! Apparently the lovely feeling you get from helping others can help to ward off all kinds of stress related illnesses. Lyns decided this called for a little challenge so the three of them went off after the show to perform a good deed…have a look at the videos and make your choice.

Tom's Good Deed

Lynsey's Good Deed

Jack's Good Deed

Which of them do you think is going to live the longest? Vote now!

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Monday 13th September 10:35am

Fun At The Fireworks with...

Olly Murs on Heart Breakfast

Olly Murs!

The Big Top 40 number one star will be joining Tom, Lynsey and Jack at Brighton Racecourse on 5th November.

You can be there - find out more and book your tickets now.

Olly called us on the show this morning and told us he can't wait!

Olly Murs

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Thursday 9th September 10:04am

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dancing Queen

So Russell Brand likes to pose in front of the mirror…no major surprise there! In fairness though it’s mostly when he’s practising dance moves for the movies he stars in. Tom on the other hand has no excuse whatsoever:

Watch the Video

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Wednesday 8th September 10:21am

Business Before Business!?

Well we are a right busy lot aren’t we? We have so much going on during the day that we have to fit our business meetings in before the working day has even begun…

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Tuesday 7th September 10:20am

What's In There?

We got your day off to a bit of a gross start by asking about the undesirable things you have found in your food. Brace yourself…!

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Monday 6th September 09:59am

Pimp My Ride

james bond

Tom decided to get us going bright and early this morning by asking us to guess what kind of new accessory is now available for your car. We had all kinds of guesses, some more sensible than others!

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Friday 3rd September 10:16am

Willy The Whale


Everyone loves crashing out in front of the TV and catching up on their favourite shows…but would you like to be the one who gets to decide on how the stories unfold? It seems quite a lot of us would love to have more control of our telly…

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Thursday 2nd September 10:10am

Magic Injections

The Expendables premiere

Liz McClarnon of former-Atomic-Kitten-member fame has had Botox in her armpits to stop her from perspiring so much…OUCH. Tom got a little carried away with this story and asked you to answer this rather odd question…if you could have an injection to stop you from doing one thing forever what would it be?! Here’s Greg:

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Wednesday 1st September 10:07am

Back To School


So the summer holidays are pretty much done and dusted for this year…the kids are back to school this week! This kicked off a bit of a debate in the Heart Breakfast studio as Tom and Lyns thought most of the kids would be looking forward to going back whereas Jack thought they’d be dreading it. There was only one way to find out:

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Silly Jack. He thinks that in the song ‘Independent Woman’ by Destiny’s Child the chorus goes ‘All the women who are independent…throw your hands up BATMAN’. Duh! Lynsey was quick to tell him that the actual lyrics are ‘throw your hands up AT ME’ but still it seemed he opened up a right old can of worms