Thursday: Naughty Pets

Today on Heart Breakfast, Tony and Kaz were asking for your naughty pets stories. They are both pet owners and bonded over their love for cats straightaway - to the point they often show each other photos of their cats (which is a bit sad).

Kaz told Tony a story about how years ago her cat got hold of her old engagement ring and chewed one of the diamonds out! You can imagine how well that went down! It got us talking about naughty pets and things they have done at home that made you go AARRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

Lots of you got in touch with your tails of naughty pets

  • Jolene- We have 3 Siberian huskies, never had an issue with the older 2 boys but the girl at 4 months decided to chew off the parking sensor speaker in my hubby's navara....I'm guessing the beep annoyed her slightly!
  • Sara- One of my dogs ate my purse and £200 in it!
  • Sarah- As a kid my old tom cat pee'd on our telly any video player and blew them
  • Joanne- A few Christmases ago we cooked Turkey & prepared the veg, then went to my mums to visit. When we got home our German Shepard had got the turkey off the side and eaten the lot!!!! Even the bones, all that was left was a greasy stain on the floor!!!
  • Angie- We had a dog who had a taste for soft furnishings. Two possibly 3 sofas, an arm chair, 3 watches, the bottom stair& some wall!

The phones went mad! We had a great call from Jo whose dog dragged the fridge across her kitchen, ripped the door off and ate all the food inside!

We also spoke to Tracey who's dog jumped over the garden fence and into the neighbours garden, ran through their patio doors and up their stairs and jumped into their bath! Which they were both in! They were having a romantic bath after they had just come back from their honeymoon. They brought the dog back round and it was covered in bubbles!

Some really great stories and it was lots of fun today!


On tomorrow's show we have the dreaded "passport photo" chat and Tony and Kaz have some amazing music to get you in the mood for the weekend!

See you in the morning!