“How To Annoy Tom Evans"

How To Annoy Tom Evans

Hey guys! So this week has been SO much fun (for me…..and you…..not Tom). This week has a rather annoying theme to it. I came up with “How to annoy Tom Evans, with me Nicola Hume.”

Each day I came up with some quirky ways to wind him up and as the week went on, you can see the annoyance in his face. Hahaha!


Day 1 – Finger in the ear

Day 2 – Passing Tom things

Day 3 – Sticking things to Tom (my personal favourite, that last one looked pretty painful hee hee)


Day 4 – Seasoning…..He’s really starting to get angry now.

And last but not least, Day 5 – Throwing things at Tom.

Judging by you Facebook comments, you’ve been enjoying these as much as I have so let us never forget Tom’s angry bearded face. Let us watch these videos in the knowing that Tom despised every second of it.

Mwahahahahaaaaa! Nicola xx